Sunday, March 21, 2010

social media for marketing

Facebook grows to $300 million, Experimental P...Image by Ivan Walsh via Flickr

Much confusion speculation time and effort are being employed to find novel ways to actually translate social media marketing into real contacts/sales. The problem is clouded by the B2B swarm of internet marketers or on the other coin seo firms claiming 'this way is right" You can only really judge with common sense how much time you spend with the social media networks, The truth (as always) lays somewhere in the middle depending on your business/service.Social media marketing will take a greater role in seo it is written on the wall,in some rare cases social networks can provide a huge percentage of visibility but this is without a doubt in the "free information category" The most common topic in social media is 'social media" everyone thinks there may be a silver lining in just stating the words?? I myself know hard earned SEO and keeping an eye on social media trends is possibly the best approach(having seen the results. Social media marketing is a fascinating realm, but like all things,hard work, time and effort will trump adder software,quick fix seo and a million tweets to mars any day.

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