Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Search Engine Optimization for Clients

SEO content, links and architecture. If you have a solid inbound outbound and internal link structure together with keyword idealized, not random but useful, helpful content, also running on a solid platform like wordpress you can achieve page rank with only a handful of the correct relevant links. It is beneficial to test for results from any search engine optimization strategy. We run evaluations on several test sites before engaging a clients, you can ask your current SEO provider about this. You need to be cautious of even of the so called SEO experts as there are ulterior motives to the best SEO company or consultant.  However, there are some things basic that are recognized as beneficial all around the subject Ask questions next time you are hiring an Seo consultant or company. Most importantly ask about their present clients and if it is in a similar niche to your business model. And find out what works for your business whether its plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry the SEO company needs to be aware of  many of the search terms used in your business. How valuable is fresh content and will article content hurt? Sure, great content can get you more links, by a natural attraction of incoming links, but content alone will not help your rankings. Meta keywords, Meta description - will not help you, and if you stuff it with keywords, it's considered span related. You don't want to give keywords away to your competitors either, so don?t focus on that Keyword tag. Google might utilize it in snippets. Google may use it, may not. It will use copy from the page, description from open directory sources like DMOZ.  You should tweak meta description to conversion potential (for clicks). It varies on search terms you type, keyword density is valuable metric for SEO, often not.  You may use it to look at the outer bounds, either too much or nothing. But,nothing in the middle. You can look at competitors, but this can only be a guide, not a hard and fast scenario. Test it and find out for yourself. Clearly you must have keywords on the page that matches the search request.No, it's not good, and can be considered as spam related This has been overdone. Think about the user first. Does it make sense, even? Google penalize duplicate Content. It's a filtering model, but not a penalty. A website with pages that contains session ids, tracking parameters, etc can serve up the same content and that could be a problem. H1 tags for SEO Used to be much more important. Does not show correlation heavily with higher rankings. Using a keyword in there is good, but the differentials from H1 to H3doesn't make a big difference. H1 is a best practice thing. You could use CSS to style to look like and H1, and the result will be the same. Bold keywords will be considered for internet Rankings.Visual effect only, user experience, helps the searcher, not the search engines. No.Targeted Keywords In the Html comments and tag Title attributes img and alt tags.Not considered. Could be penalized for this activity.Validate and clean HTML can very likely increase speed of page loading time.No. Reorder external code, and watch for code bloat, try to load all in parallel. Can affect conversion rates for poor rendering pages.

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Most internet user experience duplicate content issues within Google. If you are utilizing global searches within your parameters of marketing Google knows about this and no issues. Use a C class TLD and don?t worry about it.Update Your home site page often as it is of importance rank.No. Changing the date on home page, press releases, etc it will not help.Will having flash wreck my SEO strategy. Not the most optimal thing for SEO but for conversion and great for hits, promotional content, don't use this with navigation (unless links elsewhere). Flash will act like a one page website  all embedded in flash movie file.including your meta tags tags robot tags for index. Do follow not a required tag, and search engines use this by default. SEO in Los Angeles can enlist all the best strategies as the competition for certain keywords will seem daunting. However if client conversion is still the best practice your local SEO and diligence to detail will pay off.
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