Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Facebook Badda Bing and Google

Facebook personal information can improve search for a variety of reasons. One reason is that of recommendations or reviews, users can say positive and negative things about experiences they have with services, businesses, etc. This happens with social networks many times. This information based on people you know may know (and know whether or not you trust or care about their opinion) can provide a great deal of relevance to a search result. Another reason is images and their relevance to your query. Imagine how nice it would be to see photos from your friends turn up for queries or searches in Google. Let’s say you want to take a vacation You could search for pictures of  Los Angeles on Google and find some beautiful shots no doubt. How nice would it be to see your friends’ pictures in the search? You may not have even known they went there, but if their photos surfaced in your Google search, you would know, and possibly be led to discuss their experience with them.  Videos are another reason. People are posting more and more videos on Facebook - both original and links to interesting or entertaining things they’ve found on the web. In relevant cases, wouldn’t it be nice to see videos from your friends when they make sense. You can apply the vacation example here as well. Or let’s say you’re searching for “Tv on the internet” videos, but not one specifically. Maybe you could see some specific ones that your friends thought were particularly relevant.

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But Google does not include this kind of personalized Facebook data in its search results, and there is nothing indicating that this is on the way either. Bing uses more personalized Facebook data, but not in this rich of an experience. There’s a good chance you don’t in fact care about the opinion of everybody you’re friends with on Facebook. Just because you knew somebody in High School doesn’t mean you care about their opinions on whateverr services. However, your friend that provides an awesome cuisine every time you go to their house for a dinner party might carry more weight.On the other hand, you never know what you’re going to be searching for down the road, and whose words may have some hidden and unexpected relevance. Maybe you are friends with someone who has the complete opposite taste in movies as you. If they say a blog is unreadable, maybe you’ll be more inclined to read it it. The point is that Facebook content has the potential to make search better when integrated in interesting and relevant ways. This is one reason why Facebook itself could be a dangerous opposition for Google, if it ever decided to start taking search engine marketing more seriously. To many, the idea may seem strange, but it didn’t take very long for a different searches engine called Msn' Bing to gain significant ground in the searches market. And Facebook’s user-base is enormous. A solid advertising budget will go a long way, as Microsoft proved with Msn's Bing. Then of course there’s that whole Microsoft Facebook . com partnership thing. Msn powers Facebook’s internet results and Msn will no doubt find different strategies to integrate Facebook . com into its very own experience. Los Angeles Social media marketing services, agency, company socialmediable.com offers facebook optimization Iframes and digital advertising for social network business applications.

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