Monday, September 6, 2010

seo and internet marketing

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Social media to internet marketing

As the wheel turns so does the ever growing endeavor for internet search.Mainstream SEO has provided the most cost effective return..till now? Social media networks growth phenomenon could be a fad but the indicators say it may only grow. Users ability to rate,rank,inform blog and talk about products/services/events/news seems compelling enough as to tie into "15 minutes of fame" Andy Warhol prediction. Everone has something to say(valid if only to themselves)and social media is the gateway. Marketing in this vast hyper-confused umbrella does bring about present and future challenges for any business.Traditional marketing ads are losing ground over "compelling,humorous and or informative spot ads" Not so much ads(although they are) as you have seen youtube,etc,etc, but random design,compelling visual/audio spots that sometimes go viral. The growth of the social networks and recent news of twitter mobile apps,bing mobile search competing with google(and all of them scrambling for social media attention) spells a new dawn in internet search,marketing design and employment.
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