Thursday, January 20, 2011

an analysis of an ongoing career in modeling

By Carol Dunn

There are opportunities out there for the aspiring model or actor, good solid shots at getting into print ads and commercials, walking the runway with some version of the latest fashions, and even appearing in television, film, or music videos. It's not impossible; people are doing it all the time. Babies, even. Not just in Los Angeles or Milan. Right down the road in Florida. It's just a matter of getting in touch with the right agency.

Modeling and talent agencies are all over the place, that's for sure. But many don't have, shall we say, your best interests at heart. They're looking for your money, mainly. Your success is not necessarily a priority for them. Which means for you: do your research.

First and foremost, make sure your prospective agency is fully licensed. Make sure it's been around for more than two weeks. 15 or 20 years is a good age. If the agency asks you for a registration fee up front, you just turn your back and march out. Also, check out the clients your potential agency has worked with: Audi and MasterCard are acceptable. "Mother Joe's Rather Odd Fish Shack" is not.

Your agency should be a guide to the kind of work that suits you best. And not just commercial work. The film industry is thriving everywhere. In Southern Florida, for example, USA Network's hit "Burn Notice" and Fox's "The Glades" are both using locally grown talent. A good agency knows how to put you in front of good casting directors.

And listen: don't get intimidated by the thought that all models are exotic and foreign. Good agencies like to work with everyday people of all ages and experience levels. Which makes sense. Those are the kinds of people we see everyday, so that's who we expect to see in our ads and favorite programs. We the people want to relate to the people who are selling us sweaters ... or getting involved in action-packed crime dramas.

Then take their suggestions for referrals such as schooling, photographers, and any other tools they suggest. Their referrals are very useful because they work hand in hand together and they know what the other wants.

Further, understand that your chosen agency takes its time to effectively evaluate, educate and promote its talent. When you're looking to develop your talents in order to eventually be ready for your big break, then it's vitally important to work with an agency like Avenue Productions so that you receive all the correct guidance.

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