Monday, January 24, 2011

Surgery Or No Surgery - Your Breast Augmentation Options

By Neve Peterson

Different reasons urge ladies to have breast augmentation, to have a sexier body is one reason. To some, it's not about having bigger breasts but restoring the firmness and shape of sagging boobs. Other women get breast augmentation after mastectomy.

Different reasons may prompt women to undergo breast augmentation. However, they have the same underlying reason - to boost one's self confidence. In a world where a beautiful body is equated with attractiveness, small, sagging, or no breasts cause some women to feel insecure.

Nowadays, having breast augmentation is relatively easy with cosmetic surgeons found everywhere. But of course, only have a trusted professional enhance the appearance of your breasts.

Breast augmentation is popularly done through breast implant surgery. It is done by putting silicone or saline rubber shells on the pectoral muscles by cutting under the fold of the breasts, on the navel, in the axilla or around the areola. This require general anesthesia with post-operative recovery period differing from patient to patient.

While relatively safe, other ladies think twice about having breast implants. A common reason is the fear of having surgery and the possible risks it has. Next is that breast enhancement surgery may leave a lasting mark on them, a scar. Then, breast implant may require a longer recovery period depending on the patient's case.

Are the women with the above reasons bound to be dissatisfied about their body forever? No! Non-invasive breast augmentation using Macrolane gel is now available.

With Macrolane, surgery and general anesthesia are not required. Breasts are made beautiful in as fast as 30 minutes; hence, it is dubbed as the "30 minute boob job." All it takes is an injection of a gel made of hyaluronic acid, a substance similar to what the human body has. Though the body metabolizes the gel in about a year, re-treatments can be done to retain the form and fullness of the breasts.

Pick Out which breast augmentation treatment suits you and strut a tube top with confidence ASAP!

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