Friday, January 28, 2011

Get Countless SEO Optimized Articles

By Marcos Tahirovich

There are many tools to drive visitors to your website but the main one that should be employed is the use of articles. Promoting your site via the use of fresh, new articles or those from article directories has become very popular and convenient. The desires of internet users are very demanding and search engines are eager to please them with new unique articles on the subjects searched for. Even though most people use the Internet as a giant database, search engines view it like a massive information resource. The search engines are looking for articles with content that is unique so if you view the situation from their perspective you will understand that rewriting an article actually fulfills this criterion.

However, you may be of a mind to start writing articles from scratch and discard the idea of rewriting existing articles and if that is the case there are a few things you will need to consider. By carrying out some research first either online or from current magazines etc, it will ensure the article is up to date even if it's a topic you know something about. Once you have your material, it's important that you set it out correctly, with an introduction, a middle section, which will probably contain the core of the subject, and a conclusion.

The end of an article should be a conclusion giving possible answers or a summary of what has been written and be about four sentences or so long with most are approximately four to five hundred words. They are easier to read if they are split into paragraphs, normally about five and don't forget to place a resource box at the end with your name and brief details including any links to sites you may have.

Not only is it enjoyable writing articles but if you get good you may well be asked to write them to advertise or promote other peoples websites and online businesses. If you are not full of ideas of what to write, then I can help you a way to start. Well, why not use ideas from your own experience, it could be anything but let's say you enjoy fly fishing and want to tell people how to make their own flies. If you would prefer not to write about your experiences, which would be a real waste, then why not write about smaller niche markets which can open up all manner of possibilities.

Good article writing techniques often win the day because many articles are saved primarily owing to the way they have been written and not because of the subject matter. Writing on a daily basis will help achieve this because you will come across the same problems faced by every other regular writer but it will help you to improve. Like most things in life at first this type of prolific writing may seem unnecessary but the more of it you do the better and easier it will become and the potential to earn more increases. I wish that these guidelines were like the Holy Grail of writing but they're not although they have worked for many writers including myself, only you can decide whether it's this system or another that best suits you, however, whatever method you choose, stick with it.

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