Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting Involved In The Shirt Printing Process

By Rob Sanders

Shirt printing is not a passing trend anymore. It has become a way of life. This is most probably because of the versatility it offers. Shirt printing has already dominated the fashion and retailers' industry. It's no wonder because anyone who has an idea or even sentiment can express it through t-shirt designs.

Requesting custom apparels from shirt printing companies can be a daunting chore. While it seems simple, there are many things to consider and determine before the printing starts. There is the design, the cut of the shirt, what textile is best for your design, the sizes of the t-shirts, and naturally, what the t-shirts are for.

Shirt printing firms should take care of your worries during the printing procedure. However, before the procedure, you need to give specific, detailed directions to achieve the perfect print on the garments.

First, it is essential to know what the shirts are for. Are they for retail purposes, personal use, or as giveaways to an organization? This is the first question that you need to ask yourself because the answer to this should set your budget.

Notify the shirt printing company what type and cut of t-shirt you want. You can select the regular type shirts, the long sleeves or the sleeveless variety, or other custom cut. Knowing the cut of the shirts is essential because it will ascertain if your design will fit. The t-shirt's fabric is important as well because this involves the printing process that you need to use.

Printing companies frequently provide choices on how t-shirts are to be printed. There is the popular silk screen printing, or the print screening, which is best used for printing bulk quantity of shirts. You can likewise choose direct-to-garment printing, heat transfer, or sublimation. Select the one that is best for your design, fabric, and the number of garments you want to print. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You must be committed in the procedure in ordering custom-made printed t-shirts. The printing of the shirts doesn't just start and conclude with the actual process. You must take charge of every step from the creation of the design to the planning of the printing.

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