Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your Success in your MLM Network Marketing is in the Follow up!!!

By Rick Johnson

Hard work and dedication are two ingredients to your successful MLM Network Marketing.

Successful MLM Network Marketing mandates follow up on leads and prospects, even though most people have trouble with it. To the huge potential prospect who told you weeks ago that he would "think about it", he needs a phone call or a personal visit. All leads or prospects that inquire about more information, you need to follow up with that information immediately.

If past experiences in MLM Network Marketing have been bad with follow up with emails or voicemails, you need to commit to changing that pattern. Preparation is a key part of your successful follow up with those looking for more information on your product or service. You need to know and understand your product and after you have had a dozen or more inquiries, you will be off and running in meeting the challenge in answering your leads or prospects questions. At this point you will feel a higher level of comfort in dealing with these questions on your follow ups.

Emails, voicemail and 3-way calls with your up-line are very common ways that most companies prefer to follow up with their leads or prospects. Referring on to a web site with more detailed information is another common way to follow up with your leads or prospects in your MLM network marketing business.

One key failure of most MLM network marketing individuals is that they feel they need to know each and every component inside out and backwards before they try to move forward. This can be very volitile in that your drive to succeed can start to falter or cool off and you just keep putting off your first steps to success. Most your knowledge comes under fire and on the run with your potential customers or business partners.

You can personalize your follow up by using the phone to follow up to get to know your lead or prospect a little better. Emails and Skype are also very good tools to use, just as long as you follow up in some manner in a timely way.

A key tool to your success in your MLM network marketing business is your follow up in a timely and professional manner.

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