Monday, January 24, 2011

Could Both Diamonds And Tanzanite Be A Girls Best Friend?

By John Gray

Everybody knows that Diamonds are a girls best friend, however a lot of people are starting to know of the competition that one day may steal a place as the number one gem stone. It is called Tanzanite and its trademark is that in different lights, its appearance will change.

For several years, Tanzanite remained hidden from human discovery. Then in 1967, it was found in the country of Tanzania. Its place of location clearly gave way to its name and now it can be mainly found in abundance at the famed Mount Kilimanjaro.

When man first laid eyes on the stone, its beauty was not obvious. Inexperienced eyes could of easily dismissed it as a worthless piece of rock. Its likely color is brown however when it is heated to over 600 degrees, its beauty starts to shine and the brown color gives way to turquoise and blue.

Over the years, it is starting to become a strong favourite for people who were previously only interested in diamonds. The best known Tanzanite stone actually measures 731 carats. Of course, there is the smaller famous stone known as the Queen of Kilimanjaro and this has been set into a tiara along with loads of diamonds. The most popular type of jewellery that the Tanzanite ring is made into is rings, especially engagement rings.

So will the Tanzanite stone ever take number one place as a girls most outstanding friend? It could easily be as the beauty can be matched and the fee halved. Several people who want a diamond but can not pay the price have to settle for a cubic zirconia. While the diamond can effortlessly be faked, a Tanzanite stone cannot which lends weight to its extraordinary appearance.

Tiffany and Co has always been a devotee of the Tanzanite stone ever since it was discovered. They market it as an alternative for the man who wants a diamond engagement ring but can not afford it.

However a number of girls would not want to choose between the two. Why can a girl not have both? Both stones are magnificent within their own class and specifications. Any girl, would be glad to receive one or even both of these stones when a man asks her to marry him.

So gentlemen. When you are thinking of how to get your girl to say yes, remember that a diamond is only one choice. Tanzanite rings are making their mark on the world of jewellery and while it may be twenty or thirty years, there is the theory that one day, it will be known as a girl's best friend.

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