Friday, December 17, 2010

5 Social Media Sites Necessary for Your Small Business Marketing

By TJ Corrunthers

One of the most well-known faces of social media is a social network site. Below are few of the very best social media sites that are critical to helping you promote your business and improve your small business marketing strategies.

Squidoo for content sharing. You might have your content with you all designed to make your site number one. It is easy to post in on different sites but one effective way to get listed is through Squidoo. Squidoo is a social network site that enables users to make pages for free and interact with topics and pages also linked to the products mentioned in your content material. Squidoo lenses are extremely interactive.

Ezine articles for content advertising. Article promotion is very reasonable but very effective mode of advertising. In Ezine, social media marketers come up with brief content concerning their trade. Content promotion is essential to small business marketing and Ezine is particularly acknowledged as the most effective way to generate traffics and back links.

Digg for social bookmarking. Social book marking websites makes it possible for Internet marketers to store their Internet bookmarks and personal links on the internet. Normally, users set their bookmarks within their desktop browsers. It has its limits as one cannot look at these book marked sites in other computers. For websites like Digg and, it's possible to browsed through his book marked websites from any desktop computer everything he is online.

Facebook and Twitter.Facebook is the most popular public social networking website. With Facebook, users can join networks, connect, and interact with other people. Users can also add friends and send them messages. Additionally, they can update their personal profiles to inform friends and networks about themselves.

Twitter is yet another free social networking and micro-blogging provider. Twitter makes it possible for users to send and browse other users' posts known as tweets. A tweet is a text-based post up to 140 characters in length that may be available on the user's profile page. Tweets are brought to other users who've subscribed to them. They are referred to as followers.

Senders can minimize views of these tweets to the people in their network of friends. Additionally, one can also allow anyone to access his tweets. For small business marketing, Twitter enables you to broadcast the company's latest information as well as blog posts. Internet marketers can also work together with consumers through Twitter.

WordPress. With blog services like Wordpress, anybody can create and start their own blog or website they can use for small business marketing. Wordpress configurations and structure are easy to use and truly user friendly.

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