Monday, December 27, 2010

Moving in these Economic Hard Times

By Martha Cohls

It's the summer. Most moves across the United States are made in the summer. Proper moving packing is your best insurance against property damage. It's important that you pack properly and you do not wait until the last minute. Be sure that you reinforce the bottoms of all moving boxes you pack, and try not to over pack boxes. Because of the heat and moisture of the summer, the tape on the moving boxes may not hold as well as it would in the cooler months, so be sure to double up on the tape. Be sure to organize the boxes by rooms and size. Don't put the fragile kitchen box under heavy books. Be cautious with your moving packing and be sure to label the boxes correctly.

Our economy is being affected by this economical turmoil. Los Angeles movers are doing their part to help by lowering moving costs. The reason you hire a moving professional is to prevent yourself from damaging your own belongings and injuring yourself. Professional movers have the experience to move large items without damaging them. They know how to pack items into boxes and load them into a truck properly. There are some moving companies that will also completely pack up all of your things and unload at the final destination. It's important to research several different moving companies and ask for a free moving quote.

You may be wondering how you can find good quality movers that are cost effective. Compare different rates and get a minimum of three moving estimates. Find a credible moving company that you can trust. There are many moving companies who are out to scam without being licensed or bonded. Its important to find a reputable, experienced, professional moving company who is concerned about helping you relocate safely. Los Angeles movers offer cost effective prices while still being committed to giving you quality service. Find a moving company that includes a rental truck, dollies, and special equipment to protect your valuables. Ask your moving company if they sell additional supplies such as boxes, tape, shrink-wrap and bubble wrap. Larger moving trucks can transport more of your belongings and create more space without damaging any items.

Moving can be an expensive proposition, especially if you have a large home. Fortunately, though, these days there are options that allow you to reduce moving costs. They generally involve having to do more of the work yourself, but some recent moving industry innovations allow that to be done in ways that aren't too burdensome. Now that self-pack moving companies that offer storage "pods" have become so popular, you have the option to get some of the benefits of hiring a full service moving company while you save money. You have to buy your own moving supplies and pack everything yourself but once you load the pod, the rest of the move is out of your hands. It's an option that gives you both savings and convenience

The busiest time of year for moving and storage is in the summer. If you plan in advance, you can save yourself a lot of time, energy, and stress. Begin by getting free moving estimates and comparing different moving companies. Then choose movers with a solid reputation to save you energy, time, and alleviate some of your stress. Ask for recommendations. If you know someone in Los Angeles or someone who has moved to Los Angeles in the past, ask if he knows of any moving companies in the area. Take notes and ask many questions. Make a contact list of the best moving companies and ask them about their relocation moving services. Do your research online and read testimonials of satisfied customers. Ask for a free moving estimate or quote. The right moving company can make your local residential or commercial move easier for you. You should move with confidence and ease by hiring a team of dedicated moving professionals who will get the job done for you.

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