Thursday, December 16, 2010

Know More About Different Swimming Pools

By Scott Rodgers

Many people prefer to have a swimming pool at their place. They can choose a swimming pool from different types available in market. Three broad categories of swimming pools are: above ground level pools, below ground level and portable type. Things to consider while deciding the type of swimming pool are: money, space availability, time and convenience.

First of all we will talk about above ground swimming pools, these pools are installed above the ground level. They are quite cheap and you can get these pools in different sizes (their diameter can range from 10 ft to over 30 ft as per your requirement). You will generally get these pools in rectangular, round and oval shape. But don't expect these pools to last longer as they are not durable.

Above-ground pools are of two types: soft-sided pools and hard-sided pools. Rubber or latex is used to make soft-sided pools and metals and fiberglass is used to make hard-sided pools. Hard sided pools are more durable and expensive.

In-ground swimming pools are quite expensive so everyone can't afford to have it. In order to have these pools, you not only need a big budget but you also need to have large space. As per their name, these pools are built below the ground level. You can decide the size of these pools as per your requirement.

If you will go for In-ground swimming pools then you can increase the value of your property to a great extent. Not only the initial cost of these pools is higher but their maintenance is also very costly. In-ground swimming pools can be categorized as: vinyl-lined pools, fiberglass pools, poured concrete pools and gunite pools.

Vinyl-lined pools are most commonly used In-ground swimming pools. These pools are relatively cheaper but do not last longer. You need to replace the vinyl lining once in every ten years. On the other hand, maintenance cost of fiberglass pools is relatively lower. But you need to get it installed only by a professional swimming pool installer.

If you will go for poured concrete swimming pools then you can also choose its layout. This fact makes these pools best among others. These pools are very difficult to install and you need to devote long time in its installation. You can design gunite pools as per your requirement and they are quite long lasting among all types of swimming pools. You can conveniently use these pools so they are very popular.

Portable swimming pool is a good option to go with. These pools are small in size due to which, you can easily fill it, drain it or could take it to any location along with you. Also for its installation, you don't need to pay any contractor.

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