Monday, December 20, 2010

Types Of Electromagnetic Field Detector

By Alan Solly

The Electromagnetic Field Detector is a device or a sensor which detects the physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It is an invisible field which extends indefinitely throughout the space and illustrates the electromagnetic interaction. The energy from power source is applied to a circuit then electromagnetic field is created. Current travels through the conductor and the magnetic energy put out and by the movements of electric signal through coil wire the magnetic field is produced. The EM fields are generated by alternating current (AC) in electric conductors. The Electromagnetic Field Detector is scientific gadget that used to measure EM field.

There are two major types of Electromagnetic Field Detector such as single axis meter and tri-axis meter. Signal axis meter takes longer to complete a survey as it measures only one dimension of field. The tri-axis EMF detector are expensive than a single axis EMF detector. The tri-axis meter measures all three axes at a time and provides accurate readings. It takes reading vary fast as compare to single axis EMF detector and offers increasing range of sensitivity with more features. Both single and tri-axis EMF detectors are available to measure AC and DC currents. But Gauss meter (a type of EMF sensor) measures DC current means natural magnetic fields and normal EMF detector measures man made magnetic fields.

The use of Electromagnetic Field Detector plays an important role as it protects from unwanted effects and damages of EMF. Before using the handheld EMF sensor, you should know that how it works. You can hold it in hand by keeping an arm's distance from you and walk around your home and take initial readings. It is important to make series of measurements and highlight the strange reading, so you will come to know about the level of EMF.

The electronic appliances like mobile phones, refrigerators, microwaves emit invisible electromagnetic fields continuously. We can't see the electromagnetic fields wit our naked eyes but Electromagnetic Field Detector can detect such fields. Sometimes it is harmful to human body and one can face huge health risks while dealing with invisible electromagnetic field.

Many EMF shields are available in market so you can use them to protect yourself from discarded effects of EMF. While choosing an Electromagnetic Field Detector, you should think about some important points. You should check the approximated accuracy of a device, detection range of current. Also think about spending money on faster model or check any alternative option if available.

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