Saturday, December 25, 2010

Newest Jailbreak Software

By Jack Braman

Hey Gadget Freaks - I wrote this article specifically for you! Do you own an Apple iPhone already? Have you played around with one? What do you think of the features and customizability? Do you think that the device lives up to all of your expectations, or are there some things that could be improved?

I've asked these questions to tons of my readers. The most common response that I get is that the iphone is a great device, but far from perfect. But did you know that there are ways to improve the device? To increase the customizability and even install 3rd party apps that aren't in the apps store.

For instance, you've probably wished that you could install software that you have on your PC onto your iPhone. Software like Adobe Acrobat, or Open Office. Maybe even MS Word. What about Linux? Well, you can't do it as the product comes off the shelf. No way in heck would Apple allow that. So is it completely impossible to install those features and programs?

Indeed it is definitely do-able! The process involves downloading a type of application to your computer that is referred to as jailbreak software. Then you simply connect your phone via USB to the computer, hit a couple of buttons, and Voila! - you are now able to do everything that we just discussed and more! But hold on a sec - where do you get this jailbreak software? What is it called?

One of the top ranked jailbreaking software applications is the Automatic iPHONE Unlocker. Once you have ran this program, it takes approximately seven minutes for it to hack the gadget. Once this done , the gadget is now primed for you to load the software applications of your choice.

A second app that I recommend quite often is called the iJailbreak Utility. It's another totally solid piece of kit, however, you can't install directly from the Firefox browser on your phone - you have to use your PC w/ your phone tethered via a USB cable. It takes a little longer also - about 12 minutes - but you save a little bit of money, and I feel like it's a worthy program.

A third unlocking software program is the Global iPHONE Unlock which is highly ranked. The greatest part about this product is that it does a complete hack, and does so in a just under five minutes!! One minus of this hacking program is that it is a little bit more expensiveless affordable than the others.

That last one is probably the priciest of the three, but for the ability to unlock, and not just jailbreak, you can't complain. Normally, you have to buy an entirely separate program to get an unlock done. In summary, all of these apps that I talked about in this article should get you jailbroken in no time!

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