Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Five Must Have IPad Accessories

By Dr Herbert Hyte

As popularity of Apple's new flagship product continues to skyrocket, new markets are blooming and burgeoning in tandem, chiefly those which produce goods that complement use of the iPad. Since there is an incredible amount of product to navigate out there, this article endeavors to guide you through descriptions of the five most popular iPad accessories.

1. Apple iPad Case: To some consumers' surprise, one of the most popular and well-loved accessories to the iPad is not one made by a third-party manufacturer, but by Apple themselves. Many reviewers praise the case eagerly, describing it as being sleek, stylish, and reliably sturdy. It fits tightly around the iPad's frame while still exposing all of the ports for use. Its design also allows the case to be folded in two ways that seem intuitive to convenient use, one angle which seems to lend itself to movie watching, picture viewing, or showing off how you use your iPad, and the other angle set it much lower, allowing it to be easily typed upon.

2. Incase Combo Charger: Normally, more electronic gadgets means even more chargers to haul around (because honestly, who turns off any of their accessories these days anyway?). Incase has not only solved this problem by designing a charger that will fuel any and all of your Apple products, but they have also done so in a way twice as efficient as most of its competitors. The company has created a charger that plugs into a wall jack and a car charger in the same device. No need for special adaptors or more wires to carry around to make one device more useful; the Incase combo charger elegantly meets all of these needs in a product both compact and reliable. For this reason, it is a most wanted accessory on the market.

3. Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit: Many consumers who purchase the iPad self-report that they consider themselves users on the very edge of technology and new social media. To satisfy a large deal of their consumer base, Apple devised a very easy accessory to their newest flagship product; they designed a camera connection kit that allows anyone who has it to transfer photos, images and video on the fly from any source that records digital media, be that your fancy dSLR or even your iPhone. Once on your iPad, you can show off your pictures to your friends on a much bigger screen than on your camera, or you can post them to the internet to share with the world.

4. Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard: As Apple's new flagship product gained a reputation as a laptop-killer, Apple foresaw the need for a product that would make typing, an essential technology interface practice, much easier. They created a wireless keyboard that syncs quickly and easily over Bluetooth. It serves as a very easily transportable accessory that greatly expands the utility of the iPad by making it to-date one of the most portable workstations on the market.

5. IPad Dock: No one manufacturer has claimed a solid lead in the most popular iPad dock, though Apple's presentation of this product is a common one. In any case, the providers of this product are myriad and plenty, so it really depends upon consumer taste as to which dock you may prefer. However, there is no doubt that the dock itself is certainly a must have accessory, as it is essentially the ultimate accessory for the iPad; it charges, it stabilizes, it adds much better speakers to the iPad; it allows for tremendously easy syncing to any other portable device, be it laptop, phone, iPhone, iPod. Some docks even feature a VGA connection that would allow you to stream your screen to a television and share your iPad experience with a group of friends or family.

Runners up: Five is a number too small to begin to scratch the surface of all the cool gadgets out there that work for or in tandem with the iPad, so here are a few other very popular products. One company manufacturers products that focus on using iPads as a GPS or car TV replacements and thus produce front and backseat mounts that are useful to either (or both) you and your children. A set of quality headphones is an essential addition to any device that plays music and amplifies the pleasure of the experience of owning and using such a device more than tenfold. There are also a number of alternative cases available than the one provided by Apple; the appeal of each of these depends upon you, however, so descriptions serve no use here. A simple internet search yields results in the thousands and the rest depends upon you and your wishes.

The amount of accessories available for sale is multitudinous, but hopefully this article illuminated some of the most sought-after ones and has helped guide you to your own conclusions about which you'll decide to purchase.

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