Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How To Make Larger Gratuities

By Patti Farnham

Working as a waiter or waitress can be tiring sometimes. I know you are always on your feet all day running about in the restaurant or at your bar. If you want more compensation, you probably can't count on your basic salary which is probably at the minimum wage level or just above it. If you can get larger gratuities, you will be able to take home more money at the end of the day.

You can start to make bigger tips by putting in more effort into your work and learning how to be more thoughtful to your customer. Try to be the best waiter or waitress you can be and your customer will take notice of a difference between a regular waiter and one who is an excellent waiter. Excellent waiters are always rewarded with larger gratuities.

It's likely that your customer is starving, that's why he or she is at the restaurant wanting to order food. If you work at a bar, then you customers want a drink as soon as they get in. It's important to give quick service when your customer makes his first order. That is the time your customer needs something the most whether it is a drink to quench his thirst or food to satisfy his craving. Make them comfy and then quickly attend to their order.

If the customer is a regular at your bar, you should know what he is likely going to order. Start preparing his drink when you see him and you can get it to him a few seconds after he orders. Be thoughtful and offer him some cheap bar show like nuts without him asking for it. This is how expert bartenders get larger gratuities. Think and act ahead and most of all remember your customers and their favorite drink.

Diners hate dealing with late food. If your customer's food is taking longer than usual, remind the cook to hurry up and go to your customer to inform him his food is on the way. This can placate a hungry diner who is starting to get irritated for waiting too long. While you're at it, ask if he wants another drink or some appetizers. This is another trick to getting larger gratuities, making your customer's bill bigger.

If your restaurant charges a small percentage on the bill for gratuity, you can earn more the higher the total bill gets. Try to do some sales talk and make the dishes and dessert sound appetizing so that your customer will be encouraged to order more items from the menu. Another trick is to give a diner something to drink as soon as he is settled. The sooner he drinks, the sooner he will finish it and order another drink. Offer dessert and coffee after your customer finishes his meal.

Be pleasant and friendly to your customer. Introduce yourself with a smile and give him your first name. Greet your customer with a cheerful disposition. Tell him that you will be his waiter for today and to let you know if he needs anything. Don't look tense, in a hurry or uptight. Be friendly and casual but always be respectful.

Your salary alone won't guarantee a comfortable life but larger gratuities can make a big difference. It is possible to earn more from tips than your basic wage. Make yourself liked and valued by giving service that is hard to beat. Your customer will soon realize that you are an exceptional waiter and reward you with larger gratuities. Just try to give the best you've got and you will see a difference at the end of your work day.

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